Wine Country: Which One?

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Many people have long associated California Wine Country with the Napa Valley exclusively, but the Golden State has many reputable wine regions. Lately, Napa’s sleepy sister, Sonoma, has emerged as a hotspot for wine lovers and foodies alike. My posse of Brownell Travel colleagues and I, the sistas, as we’ve dubbed ourselves, just returned from a swing through those fertile lands and offer up the following to help you determine if you’re more Napa or Sonoma. Or, like us, maybe you’re both.

(Remember, this is California, so everybody, everywhere has that laid-back, relaxed vibe that we east-coasters covet, but in general)…

Sonoma is country, while Napa is country club;

Sonoma is first anniversary; Napa is a couples’ getaway.

Sonoma is granola; Napa is bruschetta.

Sonoma is wide open and the road less traveled; Napa is Highway 29, which strings together the surrounding towns.

Sonoma is Healdsburg; Napa is St. Helena.

Sonoma is Farmhouse Inn; Napa is Meadowood.

Sonoma is Single Thread, THE reservation that’s hard to get; Napa is The Charter Oak, THE latest from famed chef Christopher Kostow.

Sonoma is SHED with a fermentation bar; Napa is Oakville Grocery with an olive bar.

Obviously, with bars of every kind and good food to boot (Wellies or Fryes?) in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, it’s all good.

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