SECOND ANNUAL ART TRIP: Estancia Vik, Uruguay

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Albert Einstein said “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

Well, I want to let you know of a source where creativity is celebrated and shared.  I have just finished my fourth trip in three years to Uruguay and hosted our Second Annual Art Trip at Vik Retreats in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay (

Participants were once again honored to have Alejandro Turell and Kike Badaro, two of Uruguay’s top artists, as our Art Trip leaders.  Their insight, enthusiasm, grace and cultural knowledge, coupled with the high-end luxury of Vik Retreats, inspire the muse in all who attend.


Let the photos speak for themselves!  I would love to share more photos and converse with anyone interested as we are already planning the Third Annual Art Trip for next year.  This trip is perfect to share with another couple or group of interested friends and offers the opportunity to cater to particular tastes and talents.


Rediscover your muse, stoke those creative fires, and find a new source of inspiration in beautiful Uruguay.

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