Ranch at Live Oak: Malibu

Discover Yourself…at the Ranch at Live Oak

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STOP. Think about the last thing you ate or the last time you exercised. Is it time for a health and fitness overhaul? It was for me. After a busy summer in which mindfulness went out the window, I needed to recharge – to be reminded of Wellness with a capital W.

So it was the Ranch at Live Oak Malibu to the rescue. Along with six other women, I just completed R4.0, a rigorous 4-day program of total wellness/fitness immersion. Was it easy? No. Gratifying? YES.

We were all there for our own reasons, but bonded over the shared experience. I made new friends and came away feeling refreshed, energized about healthy eating habits, and full of positive energy.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy; those long, 8-12 mile, strenuous hikes in the hot Santa Monica Mountains were a workout for the mind, body, and spirit. I consider myself a fairly healthy and fit person, but I was pushed outside my comfort zone – in a very rewarding way. The recommended 30-day pre arrival regime, which I followed, eased me into Ranch life and made the total-body detox not such a shock to the system.

And at the end of each day, we enjoyed amazing meals with ingredients picked fresh from the Ranch’s own organic garden. It was Malibu, after all.

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