Meredith will also be spending a few nights in Vieques, Puerto Rico, in mid January. Puerto Rico is a country that is overlooked yet has so much to offer.  Also, it is an easy destination to fly to from the East Coast with no passport needed!.  She will be experiencing all the great activities this destination has to offer such as kayaking in the bioluminescent bay, visiting El Yungue tropical rainforest  and of course indulging in excellent cuisine at the most local Luquillo kiosks. The Luquillo kiosks (or kioskos) are a much loved part of Puerto Rico. Please don’t let their appearance discourage you — stop in and you will be in for an experience that is uniquely Puerto Rican. This long row of humble (think almost ramshackle) buildings are right on Route 3 along the beach in Luquillo. Much of the adventure is in finding your own favorite but we have a few to share in advance to get you started! There are a few wonderful hotels in the area so please call us for more details. Puerto Rico is a great option for an easy spring break getaway!

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