Mexico: Isla Holbox

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Off the coast of Mexico, where the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico meet, sits a little slice of paradise called Isla Holbox. Geographically, it’s not far from the madding crowds of Cancun, but low-key and local, it could be a world away. Isla Holbox is the kind of place where people go to “get away from it all,” which is exactly what we did the first long weekend of the new year.

Wheels down at the Cancun Airport, we were met by the pros from Journey Mexico, our incredible on-site, and whisked away to the dock where a private boat waited to transfer us to Casa Sandra, a lovely boutique hotel overlooking the water. We soon settled into the slow pace. There were stretches of beach with more hammocks and thatched huts than people, sandy roads with barefoot wanderers but no cars, and a charming little town with pastel artisan shops.

And the food! Fresh ceviche and mojitos at the Casa Sandra Beach Bar became our daily fare, enjoyed after a morning exercise class or a massage on the beach…a horseback ride to the end of the island…a nap in one of the hammocks. You get the idea.

For the right traveler (laid-back adults looking to relax), at the right time (November through August), this eco-friendly and unspoiled island with pristine natural beauty may be just the ticket.

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