Maroma: Riviera Maya, Mexico

My passport has been heavily stamped these past few weeks… it barely had time to breath (me included) as I just returned from Africa less than two weeks ago and here I am off again. This time the voyage is at least in North America…MEXICO!

I am very excited about being part of the Brownell 1887 Annual Awards trip. I am traveling with the top producers of my agency and a select few who won an award for outstanding performance in various niches. Needless to say, this seasoned group is an inspiring bunch of travel advisors and it is a privilege to be included.

Trying to be a responsible mother and wife, I forfeited the first three nights of this trip that took place in San Miguel de Allende at the historic and beautiful Orient Express hotel, Cas de Sierra Nevada.  This destination is not to be missed for those seeking culture, an award winning cooking school and world class relaxation.

Making up for that sacrifice, I am immensely enjoying my stay on Mexico’s Riviera Maya at the Orient Express resort, Maroma.  This secluded, luxurious hideaway nestled on the edge of the turquoise Caribbean Sea provides a perfect escape to blue sky, bright sun, and breezy mid 80’s temperatures.

Here, life is more than good! I arrived on property Wednesday, a few hours before my colleagues.  I immediately donned my bathing suit and sank my feet into the sugary white sands. I wasted no time indulging in what Maroma offers best, relaxation and romance (the latter for another time! J)

I indulged in the sun’s exuberant warmth, nestled in my jumbo cushy lounge chair, before taking a leisurely walk and swimming in the glorious pool. I feasted on a delectable lunch of lobster and mango ceviche with guajillo chile and garlic oil, roasted flank steak sopes and a cold cerveza. This sensory extravaganza was further complemented by the crystal blue sea lapping at my feet in heavenly cadence.

Over the next couple of days we will indulge in the award winning spa, a catamaran excursion and of course, a few margaritas. AHH… timing is everything as I realize Cinco de Mayo is today — yet another reason to celebrate this special trip in style!

Between all the leisure activities, we will also visit a few of our top Virtuoso properties in the area.  These include Banyan Tree, Rosewood and Fairmont Mayakoba, Grand Velas and Mandarin Oriental.

Please live vicariously by checking out the Maroma website at;  I look forward to sharing my firsthand experience with you and hope to pique your adventure bug to the Riviera Maya…an easy travel destination from the USA, a beautiful part of Mexico and YES, perfectly SAFE!

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