General Graham Hollands: Our Favorite Normandy Guide

One of the intangible perks of my travel business is the wonderful international relationships I have developed.  I have made friends in the travel industry all over the world and it is truly satisfying sharing knowledge and sending clients to places that I love.  I often wonder what a void it would be if I had not met these fascinating people that I work with day to day.  Many of these bonds are formed through emails but occasionally we are fortunate to meet face to face.

One person that stands out the most is my beloved Normandy guide General Graham Hollands.  After many years working together it was a great honor to finally meet the General in of all places my hometown of Richmond, Virginia.  He and his adorable wife Lesley spent a few nights here last week.

The story of why they were in Richmond to begin with speaks to his infectious personality, one that has a 100% client satisfaction rate.  He was actually recruited here by two of my clients that fell in love with him after staying in Normandy and touring with Graham last summer. They invited him to speak to St Christopher’s School and we were lucky enough to grab his attention at our Brownell Travel Richmond office for lunch one day and at my house one evening.

After many years of sending my clients to Normandy, I finally had the pleasure of hosting Graham and Lesley at our house this past weekend.  (photo) We had a small gathering of good friends who have tours booked or have interest in booking a trip to France. Even in this short visit friends were able to get a taste of his expansive knowledge and wonderful sense of humor.  Those who spoke with Graham with even an inkling of interest in traveling to France realized that a tour of Normandy with the General would be a highlight.  I know my family will be heading their way soon!

If you are considering a trip to Paris or just France itself I highly recommend adding on at least two nights to your stay to indulge in an experience of a lifetime. For an added bonus, I suggest staying at their Bed and Breakfast  It affords a great way to spend even more time with the General and his wife.  You will see that Lesley serves up a delectable breakfast and to really keep it “in the family” Cressy, their daughter, has started a top notch transfer service which makes the whole experience seamless and worth every penny!

The General only books a limited number of tours each month which makes this a tough booking to secure.  He also only books tours for a few select agencies so I am extra lucky to have this relationship.  Let me help you become one of the lucky few but remember to book months in advance.

For more information on General Graham Hollands please check out his website at and call me to start planning!!

General Graham Hollands Visits the Richmond Brownell Office

General Graham Hollands and my Family


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One thought on “General Graham Hollands: Our Favorite Normandy Guide

  1. Good evening. Our friends, Jim and Camille Massie, of Alexandria, VA, have highly recommended your tour of Normandy. My family and I will be at my aunt’s home in Tolouse, June 15-25, 2012, leaving for Paris sometime June 25th. (Though, the dates are not hard and fast.)

    We would very much like to sign up for one of your Normandy tours as they raved about it so much. It appears that a day-trip from Paris (leaving Paris that morning and returning to Paris that evening) is an option. However, we seek input on whether it is best to perhaps stay an evening to get a more in-depth tour over a day and a half. If we were to contact you to schedule a tour sometime within the June 26-29 time frame, might you be available? If it is easier to communicate via phone, perhaps we can do so. My office has a Paris location, so I can contact you easily from my office line during normal US business hours. (I am located in Washington, DC, so I am on eastern standard time.) We very much look forward to hearing from you.


    Holley Thames Lutz

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