Portugal: Comporta

It’s rare to find an unspoiled corner of the world in this age of over-tourism, but I did just that when my travels took me to Comporta.  This little village of seven hamlets on the west coast of Portugal, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon, is reminiscent of the world’s most beloved boho chic beaches – before they became well known.  Comporta is most like Jose Ignacio, my favorite stomping grounds in South America, but it is also like no other.  

A land of rice paddies stretching along endless miles of the Atlantic coast, Comporta is a refuge for those seeking peace and serenity in nature.  Days are spent walking or horseback riding along the beach before enjoying lazy, low-key dinners after siesta time.  I was searching for a place to reflect and unwind after losing my husband to a glioblastoma brain tumor just two months prior, and Comporta did not disappoint.  Anyone looking to get away from it all will love this unique landscape.  

There are two main resorts offering two different experiences. Quinta da Comporta is a boutique wellness retreat by noted architect Miguel Cancio, while Scandinavian-styled Sublime is well suited for a diverse clientele open to communal sharing in the villas. Neither disappoints.  Pack your bags sooner rather than later because change is in the making, and the under-the-radar, slow life of Comporta may be short lived. 


Best bread CAVALARIÇA 


Best beach club SUBLIME

Best boutique LAVANDA in Comporta 

Best horseback riding outfitter CAVALOS NA AREIA 

General things to “know:

A rental car a must .

Tips are in cash only .

Casual attire is acceptable and preferred .

Most stores close for afternoon siesta between 2pm and 4/5pm.

Dining reservations are needed .

Knowing a few basic words in Portuguese (language app) goes a long way.

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