Cayman Islands: Ritz Carlton

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Spring Break is primarily intended for two demographics:  the rowdy college crowd ready to party in swimwear and young(ish) families looking to escape the school routine, which is at its bleakest post Christmas and pre Easter.  While Gordon and I are way beyond the first group and hanging on by a thread to the latter, we happily packed our bags and, with Anna and friend Paige in tow, left snowy Richmond for the dazzling beaches and sparkling sunlight of the Caymans.  We were not alone.   
Yes, it was crowded.  But who can blame the many snowbirds fleeing their homes after this brutal winter?  And Grand Cayman is an easy getaway from the east coast with excellent hotels catering to young and old alike.  The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, where we relaxed for four glorious days, is no exception.  Ever accommodating with a wide array of activities for those requiring more than a simple beach chair and book for entertainment, the Ritz-Carlton has mastered the art of Spring Break fun.  Terrific kids’ program, waterslide, outdoor movies for the younger set…check.  Huge fitness center, resort pools, sushi restaurant…check.  It’s all there.     
Because our girls have aged out of organized kids’ camps, we opted instead for a charter-boat excursion with the amiable Captain Allan Ebanks, who took us out to Stingray City for a day of conch diving and snorkeling.  The water was crystal clear.  Capt’ Ebanks cleaned the conch we caught and made fresh ceviche, which we devoured.  The word paradise was never far from our lips.  Nor was food. Once back to civilization, we could be found eating at one of the many good island restaurants.  Catch and Cracked Conch were two of our favorites.

Are there more exclusive, more private Spring Break escapes?  Yes.  But for ease of travel and satisfaction for the whole family, Grand Cayman is hard to beat.      

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