Caroline Says…There’s an App for That


Generating travel itineraries just got a whole lot easier at our office, thanks to Axus, a mobile app that uploads, stores, and displays the details of every trip we book. Clients will now have all the information they need – everything from hotel confirmations to restaurant recommendations – at their fingertips, literally in the palm of their hands. Amazing! This latest technological triumph got me thinking about some of my other favorite travel apps that might make your next trip a little sweeter.

For those times you find yourself in an unfamiliar place needing to refuel, whether with food or gas or java, consult Around Me. It displays by category the restaurants, bars, hotels, even hospitals in your immediate surroundings. No more wandering around aimlessly in search of sustenance. And for airports, there’s Gate Guru, which lists the locations of shops and restaurants by terminal, so you can see if Shake Shack, everyone’s favorite layover binge, has made it to LAX. Then, once you reach your destination, use Map my Run to work off any airport dietary indiscretions.

If you’re leaving the country with language-angst, never fear: the Google Translate app is here. Simply use your phone’s camera to hover over text, an Italian menu, for example, to see the English translation, thus ensuring that you order tuna, not tripe. For those who like to plan (and study) ahead, Duolingo makes learning a language fun. Do the daily drills a month or so before you go, and you’ll learn enough vocabulary to get by in most foreign locales. (People really do appreciate the effort when we Americans attempt to speak their country’s language.)

Delectable has been described as “the essential wine app” because a quick pic of the label with your phone yields ratings and descriptions of the bottle’s contents. Now, you can give the impression that you’re a real oenophile rather than a mere wino. And if you find a bottle you like, the app will keep track of it, so you’ll never have to drink bad wine again.

Touchnote makes digital postcards because, who really wants to spend their vacation searching for stamps?

The aforementioned are my personal favorites, but there are countless others out there in cyberspace. If you’ve got app energy and want to consider 26 more, the folks at Conde Nast Traveler have a list of their own.


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