Caroline Says…The Rules, They are a Changin’ for Domestic Airline Travel


Because of COVID-19, the Real ID requirement deadlines outlined below have been extended for the foreseeable future. Please check back for updates. 

As you may have heard, there are big changes coming for US domestic travel.  Beginning October 1, 2021, you will need a REAL ID (a federally compliant form of identification) in order to fly the friendly American skies.  

Without a driver’s license that meets new federal security requirements or other acceptable form of id, like a US passport, you will be denied access to the plane.  Much like a teenager trying to buy beer without the proper id at a college bar, you’ll be stopped in your tracks by TSA at the security check point and prevented from boarding that flight to Wichita or, even better, Waikiki.

The good news is that there’s plenty of time to get your papers in order.  If you don’t already have a REAL ID driver’s license, which is designated by a gold or black star in the upper portion of your id, you can get one from your local DMV.  Typically,  you’ll need to show proof of your social security number, date of birth and US citizenship (passport), along with two different documents verifying your place of residence (a utility bill, etc).  We advise you to consult your local transportation agency in advance to ensure you’ve got the proper documents before schlepping across town and waiting in the inevitable line.

While October is still on the horizon, we recommend taking care of business sooner rather than later.  Those DMV lines are only going to get longer as the REAL ID deadline approaches.  For more information, please consult the TSA website.   


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