Caroline Says…Plan Ahead for Holiday Travel


Now that we’re in the throes of yet another holiday shopping season, you may feel some regret that you didn’t plan a trip in lieu of store-bought presents for your family. Remember the movie Home Alone, when the McCallister clan is scurrying around, anticipating a morning flight to Paris? Does the very thought of it make you feel a bit wistful for a holiday getaway with your nearest and dearest?

We can’t help alleviate the shopping/decorating pressure for 2016, but next year is another story. And if you think you might want to go away over the 2017 festive season, I have one suggestion (or plea): Do Not Wait to Book it! There’s no time like the present (or January perhaps) to lock in the best rates and availability. Wait until spring, and you risk losing preferred accommodations; wait until fall, and the selection at our favorite destinations is akin to a Christmas tree lot on the 23rd of December. You don’t want to end up with the Charlie Brown tree of trips.

If, however, you did plan a family getaway between now and the New Year, prepare yourself for the journey by reviewing my list of travel tips and checking it twice:

*Do not check your luggagePack all of your clothes in a carry-on bag because holiday travel spells lost luggage. The blog offers specific packing tips.

*Arrive at the airport early, at least 2 hours before US flights, 3 hours for international travel.

*Be prepared for long security lines by reviewing TSA regulations in advance. Make sure your Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check id number is printed on your boarding pass. If you don’t have Global Entry/TSA Pre, consider it for 2017. It’s a true gift to travelers. Info found here.

*Load the best travel apps, like Gate Guru, on your phone to navigate airports efficiently with little time. Our favorite travel apps are listed on this blog post.

*Don’t accidentally leave anyone home alone.

Because wherever you are this holiday season, whether traveling around the world or around the house, we at CTTW hope you’re with the ones you love. Seasons Greetings!

Caroline Travels the World…And So Can You.


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