Caroline Says…Pack Your Protection


No, not THAT kind! We’re talking travel protection, AKA travel insurance. I wouldn’t leave home without it. Not only does a trusty insurance policy give you peace of mind every time you travel, it can literally save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars if things go awry, which they sometimes do.

Unfortunately, travel protection is one of the least glitzy aspects of trip planning, and I can sense my clients’ eyes glazing over at the mere mention of it. Plus, they’re probably thinking, This trip is expensive enough. Why not save some money by declining the insurance?  

I’ll tell you why. Travel protection is actually not that expensive, and it’s well worth the investment. You may be young, you may be healthy, but accidents happen. And people get sick. And flights get cancelled. And one seemingly inconvenient occurrence, like a weather delay, can spiral into a mountain of unexpected charges.

Without going into too much detail, let me tell you our approach. With every trip, we offer a Travelex policy. You can opt for a comprehensive plan for before-the-trip (what if something happens to prevent you from traveling?) and during-the-trip coverage, or you can opt for protection only while traveling (if, say, you fall on the Spanish Steps and break a bone.)

In addition – and this is worth every penny if you have a child studying abroad, if you’re traveling to remote places, or if you’re a frequent traveler – we offer MedJet. This annual subscription policy ensures that you (or your family member) will be transported to the hospital of choice in the event of a medical emergency. No questions asked. Without it, you or your loved one could face a life-saving medical procedure in a third-world country as most insurance policies or credit-card companies defer to the physician on site for treatment. Think about it.

Odds are – and I hope – you will never experience these woes. But if you do, imagine the relief you will feel upon realizing that you planned ahead. Took precautions. Packed your protection.

Caroline Travels the World (protected)…And So Can You.



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