Caroline Says…Get the Picture

What’s the best thing to bring home from your travels? I say digital pictures. Sure, tangible souvenirs like shoes from Italy and sweaters from Ireland may be more fun to acquire, but there’s nothing like a photograph to truly capture the essence of a place. Properly preserved in a nice leather-bound album, preferably purchased on your travels, your trip pics will last a lifetime and provide solace and satisfaction in later years when your traveling days are behind you. (Or really any time you need an escape – from the news, the carpool line, the aging parents…)

But what if, despite your best efforts, your photos feature chopped limbs and double chins? While an artistic eye certainly comes in handy, there are practical things you can do to enhance your shots. My colleagues at Brownell Travel recently shared one photographer-mom’s list of 10 Tips for Taking Jaw-Dropping Travel Photos, mainly with an iPhone. What did we do before iPhones anyway?

For those big trips – an African safari, for example -when a more sophisticated camera is desired, I take a packable Canon G15, which has served me well for years. The folks at B & H Photo-Video-Pro Audio are shutter savvy and happy to chat online as you click on camera options.

If it’s a holiday card photo you seek or if you’re marking a special occasion, then SKIP THE SELFIES and go with the pros. When celebrating our 25th in Australia last month, Gordon and I scheduled a photo shoot with Pixaround to document the occasion in front of Sydney’s most notable landmarks. With professional photographers positioned all over the world, Pixaround can capture you anywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Get the picture? 

Caroline Travels the World (saying, Cheeeese)…And So Can You.

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