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When it comes to fitness, our office is somewhat split on travel workouts.

There’s Brenda, who admittedly wouldn’t dream of exercising on vacation.  “Isn’t the whole point of going on vacation NOT having to exercise?,” she asks mischievously.  Emily and Morgan are more open to the idea and will occasionally hit the hotel gym, while I stick to my workout regime no matter where I land:  city, country, jungle or gym.

How, you may wonder, does one manage a fitness routine without the benefit of Soul Cycle, elliptical machine or even weights?  (Trying to take Dumbbells on a plane would be like packing your carry-on bag with rocks.  Not travel savvy!)  It IS possible to workout effectively on the road in any locale; the secret is to use what you have on hand (your body as weights) as well as a few lightweight, packable tools:  jump rope, sliders, handle band, and ankle resistant bands.

It also helps to have guidance from a fitness guru, like my friend and workout instructor, Erica from Endorphasm.  With Erica’s help, we’ve developed a few CTTW travel workout videos along with step-by-step instructions to keep you fit on the road.  Let’s get busy!

Erica says, “The travel workout sweet spot is around 20 – 30 minutes, so you might complete 10 – 20 reps of each exercise, rotating through until you’ve reached your time.  But really, even five minutes of movement is better than sitting on the couch!

Ankle Band Workout

(bands are available online or at any sporting goods store)

With band around wrists:

  1. Squatted Pull Aparts
  2. Lateral Plank Walk Side/Side

With band around ankles:

  1. Power Jack (step side side for no impact alternative)
  2. Shuffle 1 -2 -3, alternating sides
  3. Plank Thruster
  4. Jumping Jacks (or tap for no impact)
  5. Open Closes (keep shins parallel to floor)
  6. V-Ups (open legs at top for a challenge)

Handle Band Resistance Band Workout

  1. Front Racked Squat
  2. Squat Scoops (brace core tight)
  3. Squat Press (singles if too challenging)
  4. Cross Side-Side Step
  5. R Leg Crossed Kickbacks
  6. L Leg Crossed Kickbacks
  7. Resisted Plank or Mt Climbers or Push Ups

Partner Workout

(no equipment needed)

  1. I Go, You Go Workout
  2. Long Jumps
  3. Plank High Fives
  4. Burpees
  5. Push Ups
  6. Run Races (using Mother Nature for markers)

If Endorphasm’s got your endorphins flowing, and you’re up for more, consider subscribing to Endorphasm Online.  You’ll get workouts delivered to your inbox five days a week for only $12.99/month.  No commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

Caroline Travels the World (working up a sweat)…and So Can You.


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