Caroline Says…Check In and Win

Imagine arriving at your hotel after a busy day of meetings or a long flight to learn that your room has been upgraded to a suite with a premium view, and along with that roomy room comes a nice welcome amenity, complimentary breakfast, and $100 spa credit. No, the long-haul altitude has not rendered you senseless; you’re simply experiencing the possibilities afforded, at no extra cost to you, when booking your hotels with a Brownell travel advisor rather than going solo.

It works like this: We are an affiliate of Brownell, a Virtuoso member agency. Brownell advisors are one big happy family, scattered across the country with a home base in Birmingham, Alabama. From there, Brownell’s ace administrative team (or the grownups in this family) cultivate preferred partnerships with the travel industry’s most respected vendors and properties, like Virtuoso hotels.

And because the name Brownell carries some heavy-duty clout in this biz and because we advisors have developed strong relationships with our colleagues across the globe, we’re often able to enhance our clients’ stays at hotels in the Brownell network. Conversely, when you book a hotel room yourself, you are anonymous.  You’re paying exactly the same rate you would pay if we booked it, but you’re getting nothing special. No upgrade.  No breakfast. Not even a cookie. Where’s the sense in that?

While we at Caroline Travels the World are known primarily for building big trips with all the bells and whistles – transfers, tours, and trains – we also book short-term hotel stays. So, whether you want to take the trip of a lifetime or just get away for the weekend to DC or Denver, New York or Nashville – it pays to book with Brownell.

Caroline Travels the World (upgraded)…And So Can You.