Brazil: A Return to Trancoso

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There’s a little place in Brazil that has stolen my heart.  I loved it in 2013 and now, after a month-long stay this winter, Trancoso feels like home.

Unspoiled and virtually undiscovered, it’s an escape from the everyday madness that we all encounter.  Life in Trancosco is simple and centers around two areas:  the Quadrado and the beach.  The first is a grassy square lined with colorful shops and anchored by a sweet white church overlooking the sea. The Quadrado is where everyone gathers and where you begin to live like a local.  

When not on the Quadrado, you are on the beach.  If you head out when the sun is rising, you may be the only one walking along the beautiful shore.  Later in the day, you might head over to  UXUA’s (ooh-shoo-ah) rustic beach bar and restaurant to relax after paddle boarding.  Can you tell that the pace in Trancoso is slow and easy?  Here comes Maria, the beach masseuse with her big smile, ready to rub the feet of weary beach combers.  Can you imagine it?

For me, the ideal stay would begin with a few nights at Uxua on the Quadrado before moving to a fabulous villa with your favorite people in the world.  My group of family and dear friends stayed at Anderson Cooper’s lovely retreat (you can, too), which was hard to leave.

I thank my Trancosco family of Bob, Lua, Gabrielle, Edna, Alvero, Layo, and Sheila for their good care while at Uxua. Their energy and enthusiasm for life were contagious.  I can still feel their spirit, even now from afar.

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